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“The most important benefit for seniors from exercise is not only that it can add years to your life, but it will also most certainly add life to your years.”
Paula Todd, Registered Fitness Trainer & Older Adult Specialist, The Fitness Network

Perhaps you’ve been trying to figure out what exercises are ideal for anyone over 50? Here are our favorite exercise tips!

Perform push-ups and squats every day

This will help you to become stronger for everyday tasks and less prone to injury. Both are bodyweight exercises. No weights. Men over 50 should target 31 push-ups and 26 squats; women, 16 push-ups and 20 squats. Men over 60 should aim for 30 push-ups and 23 squats, and women 12 push-ups and 17 squats.

Brush your teeth standing against a wall

Do this with your shoulders back against the wall and the back of your head resting against it until it becomes a habit. This will help to improve your postural alignment.

Walk with a bit of a spring in your step

Practise this by spending two to three minutes at home each day walking on the balls of your feet. It will elevate and change your postural alignment and tone your calves.

Make exercise part of your life

Do this for its own sake and the importance of movement, rather than external goals. It’s not about looking good — that’s just a bonus.

Work on mobility and flexibility

Very important. Make sure you are moving your joints to their full range. A yoga sun salutation is perfect, so are hip rotations in or out of the pool, or try a deep lunge, stretching the opposite arm in the air. Strength is worthless without mobility.

Do 20 minutes’ exercise on a rebounder

Doing this daily will burn calories without any damaging joint impact. Try a high-knee run, jumping from side to side, or jogging on the spot. Give yourself as much rest as you need, but it’s about getting as much movement as possible on the rebounder. Also try standing on one leg, which is a more significant challenge than on the floor.

Happy exercising!