“Love all the little touches like the plants growing skywards in the hall, nice toiletries and groovy paint colours. Going into Stable Massage makes me feel like I’m stepping into some chilled hippy healing cottage. Love love love my massages here.”

Kylie E

“Bruce has addressed my chronic ailments and is able to attend to my particular needs. I am no longer in nagging pain. As a result I now see him each month for a ‘tune up’ and nip any ailments before they become a problem. As a consequence my training in the gym ( bodybuilding) has improved and I am seeing great results”

Anthony H

“I’ve been coming to the St Kilda rooms for almost a year now and have always had a great experience. The setting in the building is perfect and the massage performed is just was I need for my L4/L5 lower back issues.”

Damian S

“My therapist Charlton was fantastic-his initial consultation was direct, concise and listened to my main areas of concern. He explained and was very calm and made me feel relaxed and fabulous again! Thank you”

Ena L

“New rooms in Prahran are great. This is my second massage and I am really enjoying the treatments and my body is feeling better from the sessions”

Carla D
  • Jessica Beard Avatar
    Jessica Beard
    - Google

    Great experience. Easy to book. Professional. I don't go anywhere else.

    lozzied14 Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Super relaxing, recommend My first massage of this type (previously only had Thai massages elsewhere) and it was all very professional but relaxed, and the massage itself was really good. Left feeling incredibly soothed and relaxed! Absolutely would recommend and will be going back.

    Jon Speroni Avatar
    Jon Speroni
    - Google

    Received a deep tissue massage from Bruce that was legit amazing. It's hard to find someone who can apply great pressure, but leave you feeling so relaxed from it.

    96elisa Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Relaxing and effective Shauni was great. I am currently going through chemotherapy for breast cancer (after a mastectomy) and she really knew what she was doing. Most therapists just stay away from the area altogether, which isn't helpful.The service is cost effective and... read more

    MissMely Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Amazing Remedial Massage by Miki Had remedial massage for the first time at Stable Massage Prahran a couple of days ago. Miki, as always, is amazing and attentive. I used to have treatment by her at her previous clinic so it is wonderful to now... read more

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User
    - Google

    I went to stable massage for 60 min treatment with a problem in Neck and back. Therapist did a great job with the service. Got relieved after one sitting only. I would highly recommend

  • rbeatti2 Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Great little spot I had a remedial massage here and really enjoyed the experience. Rita was lovely and I felt amazing afterwards. Very reasonable pricing as well for the quality of the massage.

    Ahmed ElAssy Avatar
    Ahmed ElAssy
    - Google

    2nd Review:
    I have been going to Stable massage regularly (every fortnight or so) for more than a year now and I have never had a single bad experience or even as much as a glitch.
    I have a number of muscle...
    read more

    A609RUzoer Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Fantastic Service (myotherapy) was professional, thorough and a considered approach. My therapist, Wayne, was fantastic and knew exactly how to treat my areas of concern. I am definitely going back and recommending him and Stable Massage to everyone I know!

    Eleanor-Scarlett Russell Avatar
    Eleanor-Scarlett Russell
    - Google

    I have been going to Stable Massage for a few years now, and everyone there is incredibly nice and amazing at their job. Specifically I have been seeing Khem for the longest, and she is absolutely brilliant. She is so... read more

    Wat Waz Avatar
    Wat Waz
    - Google

    Good massage very calming. Felt very "released" after 😉

    Felicity Case-Mejia Avatar
    Felicity Case-Mejia
    - Google

    I've been to Stable Massage numerous times over the years for remedial massage and have never been disappointed. Respectful staff who listen and then treat accordingly. They also provide stretches and recommendations for further treatment if required.

  • Sandra / Avatar
    Sandra /
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Fantastic deep muscle massage Set in a beautiful historic St Kilda building. The service is great - real people who are passionate about their work. I see Kerrie who understands quickly my issues and really works very hard to help.

    Nick Pollard Avatar
    Nick Pollard
    - Google

    I had a sublime remedial massage at Stable. Highly recommend. Been a long time since I have had a massage, I booked in with Koko and she was great. Started with a quick diagnosis, I only really knew the symptoms... read more

    Rohan H. Avatar
    Rohan H.
    5 star rating
    - Yelp

    Stephanie gave me the most brutal and best remedial massage I've ever had on Tuesday. Highly recommend. Will be back weekly for a while for more restorative pain. 🙂

    Françoise Avatar
    - Google

    Stable Massage has a very relaxing atmosphere and everyone I talked to was really friendly. Rita was really helpful and explained every step of the treatment. She also gave me some exercises to do at home.

    Nicholas Fischer Avatar
    Nicholas Fischer
    - Google

    I've been going for a couple months to see Rita for remedial massage and have noticed a huge difference in my shoulder mobility and hips/lower back. Stable Massage has a chill, minimalist, no nonsense vibe that is relaxing and inviting.... read more

    Jenna Featherstone Avatar
    Jenna Featherstone
    - Google

    A massage experience a step above the rest. The team at Stable Massage are extremely knowledgable and professional. They listen to your concerns and tailor the treatment accordingly. The best massages I've ever had have been here.

  • Dominic A Avatar
    Dominic A
    4 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Great treatment Treated for an ongoing hamstring issue. Very knowledgeable, professional treatment. Feeling much better. Would recommend to anyone.

    Sofie Dalsgaard Seiersen Avatar
    Sofie Dalsgaard Seiersen
    - Google

    Khem worked her magic on my upper body today. Being sore and tight in my upper body from crossfit, Khem knew exactly where to press to relieve the tension instantly. She also gave me some tips on how to open... read more

    David Zwolenski Avatar
    David Zwolenski
    - Google

    Thought I just needed a massage, but after a quick assessment the guys at Stable Massage provided me with a full body check and we found some tension points that needed releasing badly. Ended up doing some acupuncture and haven't... read more

    CharlotteG837 Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Always consistently amazing I have been going here for at least 10 years and they and just simple brilliant - all of the therapists are first class, all do different styles/offer something so a great options for those hard to budge nots... read more

    Coco C Avatar
    Coco C
    - Google

    Khem is the best myotherapist I have ever been to. My partner and I won't see anyone else ever again, she's just so good!

    Nandi Affleck Avatar
    Nandi Affleck
    - Google

    Always a great massage, the team really know what they are doing. Definetly give them a try

  • Heather E Avatar
    Heather E
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Amazing My partner and I were delighted to hear Rio was back and working at Stable massage! He’s our absolute favorite for remedial massage and dry needling, he gives so much in every treatment, we come out feeling refreshed and relaxed.

    Kimberley Leggett Avatar
    Kimberley Leggett
    - Google

    Came to sort out my hip and back by getting remedial treatments. I was very impressed and felt such relief from my first session that I’ve already come back weekly to get treatments from Satoru who is excellent. Couldn’t recommend... read more

    Sandy346 Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    The best massage of my life I came to see Khem after the family had recommended her. I was suffering terrible pain from Shingles and muscle tightness. I'm 72 and I could hardly stand when I first went, I was doubled over with pain.... read more

    MissNikkiJ Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Remedial Massage Great massage and they had a great knowledge of the personal problems I was having, would definitely go again!

    Ren Harris Avatar
    Ren Harris
    - Google

    Georgia was amazing! Tailored the treatment to my needs and made me feel so comfortable. The best massage I’ve had, the kind of approach Ive always been looking for. Thank you 🙂

    Fionna Yao Avatar
    Fionna Yao
    - Google

    Professional and highly attentive remedial massage. The therapist also advised on aftercare stretches to help my posture issues. Will definitely be back again for another session.

  • lisadca Avatar
    4 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Myotherapy massage Great myotherapy session with Bruce, I've been suffering for months with tennis elbow and after 1 treatment I've had remarkable improvement.

    emilyo3065 Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Highly skilled therapists I have had a number of massages here with different therapists and have found every single one of them to be extremely skilful, professional and knowledgeable. I have really appreciated the efforts made by all therapists to customise the treatments... read more

    Bradyls81 Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Great massage Satoru is an exceptional masseuse, taking the time to really understand the issue you are experiencing. He has a deep understanding of anatomy and technique. He has really given me significant pain relief.

    Liz Charles Avatar
    Liz Charles
    - Google

    Rita is an incredible massage therapist. She has provided me with much relief for tight shoulders and neck. Now that I am now pregnant I continue to enjoy her treatment. The rooms are super clean and super comfy. I highly... read more

    Jade Quinn Avatar
    Jade Quinn
    - Google

    I have been coming to stable massage for awhile. Stable Massage has a lovely relaxing environment. Friendly and professional staff who always do a great job. Stable has HICAPS which is really helpful! Also I never have a problem finding... read more

    Clémentine Desjonqueres Avatar
    Clémentine Desjonqueres
    - Google

    Have had three myotherapy sessions with the friendly Caitlyn. I highly recommend her! I've struggled finding ways to manage my neck tension headaches but her method works a treat. Her massages also feel amazing.