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Become ‘superhuman’!: the rising popularity of smart drugs


‘Smart drugs’, or nootropics are the latest thing amongst the frenzied cultures of Silicon Valley and Wall Street. The bioengineered supplements are designed to hack the brain, increasing brainpower and helping to improve memory and focus.

Smart drugs claim to improve day-to-day productivity, enabling people (mostly millennials working online in different time zones) to become a better version of themselves.

Business is booming for startups like ‘Nootrobox’, that offer smart drugs for enhanced cognitive performance. Nootrobox states they are “a group of biohackers, technologists and researchers. We believe life should be lived to its fullest potential. That potential is tested and ultimately judged by the work we produce”.

Classified as a nutritional supplement, smart drugs are loosely regulated and aren’t subject to clinical trials. Their rising popularity has become an area of concern. Scientists in the UK are arguing that they unknown side effects are becoming a matter of sound public health policy.

Then there is the obvious question of general well-being. Can punching away on a laptop for hours at a time really be good for your body and mind? Tiredness is normally a reliable indicator that it’s time to rest your mind and get your body moving!


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