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Become ‘superhuman’ part 2: smart drugs and longevity!


Part 1

Brain-hacking supplements known as nootropics, or ‘smart drugs’, are rising in popularity amongst young professionals in North America. According to Scientific American, they are “a broad category that includes pharmaceutical drugs, dietary supplements, and do-it- yourself concoctions, all of them meant to turn the brain up a notch”.

Some assert to make you superhuman and increase longevity! The range of nootropics claiming to increase longevity range from innocuous dietary supplements such as Omega- 3 fatty acids and turmeric, to bio-synthetic substances such as vinpocetine.

Your local alternative therapist may recommend a good dose fish oil to improve overall health. The concern is when concoctions are developed that upset the intricate balance of the brain in unknown ways.

And bold claims are being made! Geoffrey Woo, co-founder and CEO of nootropics and biohacking technology company Nootrobox (that has a significant amount of venture capital from the CEO of Yahoo, and other major investors), believes that biohacking technology is on the verge of providing a key to prolonging life, and that “technology is reaching a point where death can be treated like any illness or sickness, and aging will be considered a disease.” We will be able to be superhuman apparently.

This is a big statement considering existing nootropics haven’t been clinically proven to work. As scientist in Blade Runner wisely says (quoting ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu) “the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long”.


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