Our newly renovated clinics in Travancore and Hampton are now open! Offering Myotherapy and Remedial Massage in Bayside and Melbourne’s inner West.



Remedial Massage Therapist

Introducing Shindei, an exceptional remedial massage therapist with an unparalleled ability to alleviate pain and provide transformative relief. Shindei possesses a unique combination of skill, strength, and precision that sets her apart in the realm of therapeutic bodywork. With a firm touch that delves deep into muscle tissues, Shindei adeptly targets the root causes of discomfort, helping clients overcome their physical limitations and rediscover a life free from pain.

Equipped with extensive knowledge of anatomy and a keen understanding of the body’s intricate network, Shindei possesses an intuitive sense of where tension and knots reside. Clients often marvel at Shindei’s remarkable ability to locate and address even the most elusive sources of discomfort.

Beyond her technical expertise, Shindei is renowned for her empathetic nature and commitment to the well-being of their clients. She approaches each session with genuine compassion, taking the time to listen and understand individual needs. By tailoring each treatment to address specific concerns, Shindei ensures that her clients receive the personalised care necessary for optimal healing and pain relief.

Whether you seek relief from chronic muscle tension, sports-related injuries, or simply desire a rejuvenating experience, Shindei is the therapist who will exceed your expectations. With her firm pressure and exceptional ability to target pain, she has earned a reputation for delivering transformative results. Prepare to embark on a journey of healing and restoration under the skilled hands of Shindei, where pain dissipates, and true wellness flourishes.


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