Our newly renovated clinics in Travancore and Hampton are now open! Offering Myotherapy and Remedial Massage in Bayside and Melbourne’s inner West.


Natsumi Ishikawa


I am a dedicated Myotherapist who is passionate about helping people with their well-being. Through my studies of Remedial Massage, I was fascinated with the power of manual therapy by learning various sorts of techniques such as Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Technique (MET) and Joint Mobilisation.

As my interests and passion in physical therapy grew, I studied the Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy to deepen my skills and knowledge.

My aim is to maximize the outcome of each treatment to address the individual’s needs by tailoring a treatment plan for each client.
As my journey in physical therapy started to improve my own well-being and to prevent occasional headaches from a high-stress work style, I am passionate about working with stress related conditions.
Since I am also a qualified Aromatherapist, I also enjoy incorporating the power of nature into my treatment specially for those who present stress-related conditions.

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, sewing and carving – I’m currently on a mission of reupholstering an old couch.
I have 4 beautiful animal companions and love showing off photos of my furry family!


“Natsumi was a great massage therapist with lovely friendly interpersonal skills. Highly recommend.”

– Andian Newbea

“I received a treatment from Natsumi. She was very helpful on a day I was in pain. Great manual handling skills and treatment was targeted to my needs. Great clinic overall.”

– Sandan Inturrisi

“Great first session with Natsumi! Had a consult and myotherapy session to help with migraines. I felt that time was taken to dig into the issues and the actual treatment was very professional”

– Max Peters

“I showed up in extreme agony with hip, leg and calf pain and Natsumi was an exceptional myotherapist. The sessions were very beneficial and stretching exercises really great at getting me moving again. Can’t sing Natsumi’s praises enough!”

– Sally Pryde


“I received a treatment from Natsumi that incorporated all her skills of massage, myotherapy and aromatherapy. The rose geranium oil is needed for my medical condition and it was fantastic to have this spiritual side of the mind used within the treatment. A truly holistic approach. Well done.”

– Patricia Magennis


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