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Nathan Talbot

Remedial Massage Therapist

Drawing from a background in performance and a deep fascination with the rehabilitation process, Nathan is dedicated to facilitating a rapid and effective recovery from various pathologies.
Notably, Nathan possesses extensive experience in assisting corporate professionals and individuals in sedentary roles. His specialization in seated massage is tailored specifically to benefit this particular clientele.

He firmly believes in the uniqueness of each individual and the importance of personalized treatment.

Committed to fostering a comforting and inviting atmosphere, Nathan takes pride in nurturing both the body and mind of each person that enters his care.
Employing an intuitive approach, he employs a diverse range of techniques, including deep tissue work and myofascial release.
In Nathan’s capable hands, clients can expect a transformative experience that prioritizes their overall well-being and promotes optimal healing.

Nathan enjoys the performance arts, relaxing with video games, and believes that coffee is the elixir of life.



“My husband and I both had massages with Nathan. They were amazing, best massages we have ever had. Thank you Nathan!”

– Carla Lewinsmith


“Enjoyed my treatment with Nathan”

– Casey Irwin


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