Our newly renovated clinics in Travancore and Hampton are now open! Offering Myotherapy and Remedial Massage in Bayside and Melbourne’s inner West.


Hong Li

Remedial Massage Therapist

Hong has experience in treating a wide variety of conditions – from treating women in their prenatal stage to helping postoperative patients regain full range of motion and optimise their recovery.

Hong takes a holistic approach with her clients and believes everything is deeply connected, and therefore always treats the body as a whole. She has particular interest in helping with low back pain, shoulder dysfunction and headache using deep tissue techniques, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, targeted stretching and cupping.

Hong’s journey as a therapist began when she discovered a love for anatomy, human biomechanics and working with people one-on-one.

Outside of her work, Hong loves hiking, skiing, exercise and Pilates or jumping between her many hobbie, and checking out the best new restaurant.



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