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Did You Know? Laughter Enhances Your Workout! 


According to Men’s Journal laughing exercises several muscles in your body, including the abdomen, back, shoulders, and 15 facial muscles. And laughing can actually enhance your workout! 

A recent study at Oxford University looked at the correlation between laughter and decreased pain threshold. The study found that laughter plays a vital role in raising the body’s level and release of endorphins, and the euphoric feeling associated with a “runner’s high”. Basically when your endorphins are buzzing around, your body and mind are less susceptible to pain, including the strenuous pain you can experience during exercise. The study also found that laughter has an “endorphin-mediated opiate effect” which plays “a crucial role in social bonding” (you’ve got to love the language in scientific papers!).  

Laughter is also a good burst of healthy activity that provides a mini-workout in itself. According to Men’s Journal and laughteryoga.com, having a good belly laugh: 

  1. Works your core to release tension. Laughing exercises the diaphragm while contracting your abdominal muscles and shoulders, resulting in a mini-workout crunch!
  2. Improves your mood throughout the day. Having a good ‘ol fashioned laugh gets us in the right mental state at different points in the day. This is also where a workout buddy comes in – someone you can share a few jokes with to keep up your mood and keep you going as you fatigue. 
  3. Increases your cardio capacity. Laughter is a great workout for both the respiratory and cardiovascular system. The process of emptying your lungs during laughter has a positive effect on your respiratory system. Studies have also shown that laughter lowers your blood pressure and eases the natural flow of blood through the body, improving cardiovascular strength. (Harvard
  4. Fights off germs. Several studies have shown that laughing boosts the immune system! This is key for winter workouts, inside the gym and outside the fresh air. (PubMed)

So grab a mate you can have a laugh with and get cracking (up)! 


The Stable Team.