Who we are

We are a dedicated crew of 33 massage therapists, committed to providing you with targeted treatments that support your optimal performance.

The Stable team specialises in personalised remedial massage for athletes, or anyone with active lifestyles. We also offer a range of treatments that prevent and alleviate postural and occupational injuries (I.e. if you are a new parent, or have been stuck at that desk for days!).

Our range of services include: deep tissue remedial massage, sports massage, myotherapy, dry needling, pregnancy massage, and Swedish massage.

We can be easily found in four locations across central Melbourne: St Kilda, CBD, Prahran and Fitzroy North.

Our amazing therapists work closely with you, tailoring your treatment to your individual needs and health goals. You will be given personalised self-management tips as part of your treatment plan to accelerate the recovery process.

Alleviate that niggling muscular fatigue, pain, tension or stress. Lighten your load.

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Our Story

Stable began close to our home in St. Kilda, and has now expanded to four locations across inner Melbourne (St Kilda, Fitzroy, CBD and Prahran). At each Stable clinic you will find a team of knowledgeable, strong and diligent therapists who specialise in deep tissue remedial massage, myotherapy and sports massage.

We also offer relaxation massage, dry needling and pregnancy massage.

Our clinics are open 7 days a week, and our reception team are happy to take bookings over the phone. For late night or early morning bookings feel free to jump into our online booking system.

Our Founder

Hi I’m Zoe, mother of three and avid tennis player. I started Stable Massage in 1998 as a qualified massage therapist. At the time I was focusing on providing strong deep tissue massage to highly active and hard working clients. The treatments helped with pain reduction, reduced stiffness and aches, and increased range of movement – supporting clients to relax, recover and perform at their optimal ability.

My husband and I realised that the majority of health clinics focused primarily on relaxation massage and were not providing the benefits of deep tissue massage therapy to their clientele. We saw a clear opportunity to provide these specialised services, and Stable Massage was born!

I look forward to you visiting the clinics and please do not hesitate to give me any feedback, either online or by giving us a call.

Zoe Browning

Zoe Browning


  • Emma Kendrick Avatar
    Emma Kendrick
    - Google

    Lovely clean environment. I don’t know the girls name but she was amazing, consulted me on my problems and knew what she was doing. Have booked in for another treatment next week. Tension headache and tight neck resolved a lot... read more

    CameronBull Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Amazing Experience ! Would highly recommend Stable Health in Fitzroy for anyone looking for a fantastic massage. Request Billy if you like a deep tissue massage. His knowledge and professionalism was very impressive.

    Peter Barker Avatar
    Peter Barker
    - Google

    Great assessment and knowledgeable massage.

    96elisa Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Relaxing and effective Shauni was great. I am currently going through chemotherapy for breast cancer (after a mastectomy) and she really knew what she was doing. Most therapists just stay away from the area altogether, which isn't helpful.The service is cost effective and... read more

    Emma G. Avatar
    Emma G.
    4 star rating
    - Yelp

    Stable Massage is great. Multiple locations, super easy online booking system and app. They post their therapists profiles online so you can peruse and select someone who has expertise you think will be most suitable for your ailments. I am... read more

    Paul Bione Avatar
    Paul Bione
    - Google

    Excellent. Roman is an excellent massage therapist. Highly recommended!

  • Isaac McWaters Avatar
    Isaac McWaters
    - Google

    I attended Stable Massage for Myotherapy due to a muscular injury. The service was professional and the therapist appeared very knowledgeable about the treatment required for the injury. Since attending my injury/pain has resided and already gaining full motion again... read more

    87Connor Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Great remedial massage! I am very lucky to have found Anna at the north fitzroy location of stable massage. She has been able to tailor to my needs brilliantly. I regularly need massages to help with chronic pain issues and I feel very... read more

    Maxim Boon Avatar
    Maxim Boon
    - Google

    I have attended Stable Massage twice to get treatment for gym injuries and muscular pain, and I was extremely impressed on both occasions with the competency of the therapists, the quality of the space and the very satisfactory results. There... read more

    Els Avatar
    - Google

    Love how convenient it is to make a booking online and the massages are great!

    travellerfimelb Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Excellent massage staff, treatments and ambiance at Stable Massage I have been using Stable Massage for quite a few years now and it's about time I wrote a review. Over the years many of the staff have worked there long term which is great as they get to... read more

    J Nash Avatar
    J Nash
    - Google

    I'm just so grateful to have such an amazing facility around the corner from home that is open 7 days. I have never had a bad treatment here - they only employ experienced professionals. Thanks so much!

  • Jenna Featherstone Avatar
    Jenna Featherstone
    - Google

    A massage experience a step above the rest. The team at Stable Massage are extremely knowledgable and professional. They listen to your concerns and tailor the treatment accordingly. The best massages I've ever had have been here.

    Anna B. Avatar
    Anna B.
    5 star rating
    - Yelp

    I love Stable Massage and in particular the amazing Maki. I keep coming back and am always impressed with the way Maki eases all my knots away.

    I've had massages for many years and so often it's too hard, or too...
    read more

    Td Hopkins Avatar
    Td Hopkins
    - Google

    Fantastic massage by Vlad who was very knowledgeable regarding my hypermobility and hip rehabilitation. I felt thoroughly relaxed afterwards and walked out feeling far more confident in how to care for my body. Thank you so much Vlad!

    John Mallon Avatar
    John Mallon
    - Google

    Met with Leonard who presents as an entertaining and informative masseur and a fine practitioner of his craft

    Emma Gibson Avatar
    Emma Gibson
    - Google

    Aaron just saved my life. If you've got any back issues, crawl into Stable St Kilda immediately. He's an extremely experienced professional and will even make you laugh to distract you from screaming. He does proper remedial massage, so it's... read more

    Gerald Misquitta Avatar
    Gerald Misquitta
    - Google

    This place was awesome. I was suffering with back pain for weeks but after a visit to Stable Massage, my pain is gone completely! I have visited a few therapists before and Stable is definitely one of the best!

  • Françoise Avatar
    - Google

    Stable Massage has a very relaxing atmosphere and everyone I talked to was really friendly. Rita was really helpful and explained every step of the treatment. She also gave me some exercises to do at home.

    Ciaran - Avatar
    Ciaran -
    - Google

    I have been experiencing very bad neck and shoulder pains coupled with chronic headaches for the last 7 or so months .Have tried various physio, Osteo treatment to little effect. Last week I booked a session in Stable Massage St.Kilda... read more

    Preeti T Avatar
    Preeti T
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Fantastic Massage! Came here for the first time for a very knotted upper body. The massage and dry needling was very effective treatment for my condition and the staff are wonderful and easy to deal with.

    Meaghan M Avatar
    Meaghan M
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Remedial massage Great consultation by Aaron followed by a massage to target areas in my back that have been injured for a long time. He gave me stretches and exercises to do everyday until I return in 2/3 weeks for another treatment.... read more

    Jenn D Avatar
    Jenn D
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Great remedial massage Trying to combat arthritis and maintain body strength I do boxing exercises at least 5 times a week. But I couldn't do this without my regular visits to stable massage for a 60 minute remedial massage. My health insurance makes... read more

    belannaMelbourne Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Professional and friendly I have been going to Stable Massage in Fitzroy for around 3 or so years now. I have been treated by several massage and myo therapists. They have all been extremely kind and accurate in my treatments. Elena the Chiropractor... read more

  • Dallas Bland Avatar
    Dallas Bland
    - Google

    A great remedial massage in the Melbourne CBD. They took the time to understand the problem as much as possible and the treatment was very well measured and in line with what I had hoped for. Will be going back.

    Sophie Laverick Avatar
    Sophie Laverick
    - Google

    Rita was actually amazing, really thorough and lovely. Came away feeling a huge difference in my neck and have continued to feel an improvement thanks to the exercises she gave me. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

    Maximus1111 Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Best massage by skilled professional Aaron was exceptional, perfect firmness, intuitively hit the spots. Explained what he was doing, really fixed the injured area. Highly recommend Him

    AudreyKYL Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Excellent service Instead of just receiving a massage, time and care was taken to sort out the cause of my problem and ensure the right areas were worked on. I then received advise on what to do at home and they were... read more

    rbeatti2 Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Great little spot I had a remedial massage here and really enjoyed the experience. Rita was lovely and I felt amazing afterwards. Very reasonable pricing as well for the quality of the massage.

    lozzied14 Avatar
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Super relaxing, recommend My first massage of this type (previously only had Thai massages elsewhere) and it was all very professional but relaxed, and the massage itself was really good. Left feeling incredibly soothed and relaxed! Absolutely would recommend and will be going back.

  • Molly-Shaye Muir Avatar
    Molly-Shaye Muir
    - Google

    My lower back pain has lessened after each treatment with Billy. He is great and I plan on returning on a regular basis. Stable is always clean and has a calming energy. Could not recommend more.

    Joshua J Avatar
    Joshua J
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Remedial experts We have been frequenting Stable massage for a couple of months now and it’s impossible to fault their service and professionalism. Konrad has been brilliant with understanding my needs and progressing me through a rehabilitation program. Happy to report a... read more

    Nikkie Harrington Avatar
    Nikkie Harrington
    - Google

    I saw Khem for some upper body pain I was having especially in my back. She was very thorough and went above and beyond to fit in as much as possible in a half an hour time slot as she... read more

    David Zwolenski Avatar
    David Zwolenski
    - Google

    Thought I just needed a massage, but after a quick assessment the guys at Stable Massage provided me with a full body check and we found some tension points that needed releasing badly. Ended up doing some acupuncture and haven't... read more

    Nj Terrific Avatar
    Nj Terrific
    - Google

    This place is amazing! I’ve been here twice in the last month for different reasons and both therapists that I saw are phenomenal and passionate at what they do.

    My first experience was with Khem, I was experiencing tingling/numbness and...
    read more

    Ben H Avatar
    Ben H
    5 star rating
    - TripAdvisor

    Great service, reasonable price I've been a regular customer of Stable Massage for more years than I can remember and have received great care and treatment from all the therapists I've seen. Queen St provides convenience if you work in the city albeit not... read more