Wang Yue (Andy)

Remedial Massage Therapist

Andy is a highly qualified Remedial Massage Therapist who has been involved in the natural therapies industry for almost a decade with over eight years of clinical experience. He specialises in sports injury recovery and excels in trigger point as well as cupping therapy due to his extensive training in those modalities.

On his spare time, Andy studies the meridian-collateral diagram and its correlation to human body as it allows him to quickly pinpoint sore spots to help relieve his clients’ discomfort and put them back into the right track.

His lifelong passion for soccer brought him to Banyule City SC (State League 1) where he works to support and help the players thanks to his expertise in sports recovery.

Andy will work with you to create the perfect treatment plans according to your needs and he will also share his knowledge in stretching techniques that you can try for yourself.

If you need someone with magic hands, you should book a treatment with Andy!