Shauni Brauch


Shauni completed her studies at the Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy, where she attained certification in both Remedial Massage and Myotherapy. During her teenage years, Shauni was heavily involved in sport, mainly dancing and playing netball. This sparked an interest in physical therapy as she recognised the benefit of receiving maintenance treatment to optimise performance and relieve pain.

Having suffered from migraine headaches in the past, Shauni empathises with clients who may also suffer the same pain, and can offer relief through many different techniques.

Some of these techniques include: deep tissue massage, cupping, trigger point therapy, dry needling, stretching and mobilisation. She also offers her clients home care advice and exercises, as she is a firm believer in a more pro-active approach. Prevention is far better than cure.

For the past three years, Shauni has utilised her skills as a trainer at her local football club. This has provided her with a world of hands on experience in addressing a wide variety of sporting injuries and ailments.

Shauni understands the unique relationship between the body and how pain in one area may affect elsewhere in the body.