Roman Levin

Remedial Massage Therapist

Roman is a well-versed Manual Therapist. His understanding and skills of body work stem from lifelong fascination and curiosity in body structure, physical dynamics and movement patterns.

His professional experience started years ago in Wingate, the Sports Institute of Israel, where he studied Sports Massage Therapy working as a Physiotherapist assistant in treating National Team/Olympic swimmers and Tennis players. His journey continued in Perth Osteopathic Medicine Clinic, where he was mentored and introduced to various Osteopathic and Craniosacral Therapy techniques while treating his patients and assisting to Dr. Winter and other talented osteopaths.

Currently Roman is deep into his studies of Myotherapy, taking interest in Applied Kinesiology, Postural Integration and Myofascial Needling philosophies and techniques.

His interest in Basketball, Swimming and Snowboarding during his formative years have now deviated into fascination with Boxing, MMA and Yoga.

Roman believes, “Everything is fractally interconnected and can be learned from. Life is nothing but an experience. Stagnation is a slow-cooked death. Knowledge without analyzed application is just a bunch of stored trivia.”