A passionate Myotherapist with many years of experience, Miki has developed a holistic and practical approach to health and lifestyle. Miki is dedicated to her clients’ wellbeing and draws from her extensive education to provide them with the treatment style and advice most suited to their individual situation.

Her wide range of clients include professional and Olympic athletes, expecting mums, as well as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and terminal cancer patients.

Originally graduating from the Kansai University of Health Sciences (Japan) with a degree in Acupuncture. Fascinated by the human body, she continued to study and achieved a Diploma in research and teaching at the Meiji School of Integrative Medicine, where she decided to teach for 5 years. Miki has worked in the sports and holistic medicine field in Japan for 17 years. Since then, Miki has relocated to Australia where she attained her Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy.

Never content to stay still for too long, she has recently completed a Diploma of Clinical Aromatherapy and is currently studying Certificate IV in Fitness to provide her clients with a more holistic and integrated treatment.

A proud Nike addict, Miki loves to stay active and is currently devoted to strength training at the gym, as well as weekly boxing and pilates. She manages to find time to follow soccer games when she is not reading about health and fitness.

“I believe the work I do with my clients empowers them to attract good things for themselves. When the immune system is strengthened, it increases our body’s natural ability to adapt to mental and physical challenges. I aim to assist each client to become a magnet of well-being and luck.”