Remedial Massage Therapist

Malaika’s journey began when she discovered a love for anatomy, human movement (biomechanics) and working with people one-on-one.
Since transitioning from a degree in Primary Teaching she has completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage and will soon graduate from RMIT as a Myotherapist.

Malaika has experience working in multiple settings, from treating women in their postnatal stage at the Austin hospital to helping elite athletes enhance their training and recovery in order to to perform their best on game day. Having a strong background in competitive sports and recently becoming a first time mum has helped her understand some of the demands, both physical and mental, which come with different roles.

Malaika strives to take a holistic approach with her clients, digging deep to treat not only the presenting symptoms but also the underlying factors that keep the issue persisting.
She likes to involve her clients in their own treatment, ensuring they always feel empowered and have fundamental understanding of their own body. This approach helps each individual reach their health goals, whether they be; reduced pain, improved flexibility and mobility, improved muscular strength, optimum sports performance, reducing stress or recovering from birth or surgery.

Malaika has a love for tackling things that challenge her. When she is not working or studying she can be found in the gym, spending time with her family or jumping between her many hobbies, such as playing guitar, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, surfing, training for her next 10km run, or checking out the best new restaurant.

Malaika uses a variety of techniques in her treatment including:
– Deep tissue Massage
– Static & Dynamic Cupping
– Myofascial Tension Technique
– Trigger Point Technique
– Muscle Energy Technique (MET’s)
– Targeted Stretching and Strengthening exercises to compliment treatment

Each utilised within a flowing treatment to provide the best possible outcome specific to each client!