Remedial Massage Therapist

Originally from Thailand, Lilly has a deep knowledge of Thai massage traditions, having attained a Bachelor of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine. Lilly often blends the traditional approach seamlessly into her remedial and deep tissue treatments.

As part of her studies, Lilly has worked extensively within a hospital setting in her home country, gaining valuable experience through helping patients during the recovery phase of invasive medical treatments, most commonly spinal surgery and hip replacements. It was also during this time that Lilly worked to help women with their health goals after they had given birth.

Lilly will often incorporate deep stretches and trigger point release in order to work through her clients long term issues. Her expertise lies in improving daily quality of life by treating imbalance caused through postural issues (office syndrome), migraines and alleviating the pain related to the most common back, neck and shoulder dysfunctions.

As an avid marathon runner and sports fan (Go Richmond Tigers!) Lilly will certainly be able to help those who have felt a toll on their bodies as a direct result of high impact sports activity.

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