Coby Padman


Coby first heard of Myotherapy as a patient herself. She is always interested in seeking alternative and natural therapies. What she loved about Myotherapy was she felt like she was helping herself, that it was her journey and she learnt how to work with her body. So it was very natural for her to choose to study Myotherapy. Coby graduated from RMIT in 2017.

She is passionate about finding the cause of her clients’ pain and dysfunction. A thorough examination and testing gives Coby a great understanding of the imbalances within your body allowing her to create individual treatment plans. Together with the client, achievable long term goals can be created whether you are seeking pain free movement, increased mobility or recovery from injury.

Coby treats a wide variety of pathologies including muscle and joint dysfunction, nerve and disc pathologies and even headaches. She uses a wide range of modalities such as: massage techniques, fascial release, myofascial dry needling, dynamic cupping, McKenzie method, joint mobilisation and manual lymphatic drainage. She also provides exercises to progress your recovery out of the treatment room.