Caitlyn decided upon a career as a Myotherapist after her interest was piqued following a personal training course that she completed. The P.T course encouraged her interest in physiology and anatomy and showed the benefit that physical therapy can provide and so it was a natural progression to remedial massage and then myotherapy.

Caitlyn understands the importance that physical therapy offers in facilitating the recovery of the body following physical activity and offers a number of modalities to support this such as soft tissue therapy, dry needling, joint mobilisations, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques and cupping.

Each client has different needs and whether a massage is required for discomfort, tension, pain relief or just purely for relaxation; following a thorough discussion, Caitlyn will tailor an appointment based on your needs. Her special interest areas are the Shoulders, Neck & Head. Home care advice will be provided to support the client on reaching their physical optimum.