Jr. Remedial Massage Therapist

Alice believes that broad deep tissue massage, combined with trigger point therapy and movement, promotes the release of tension and allows the body’s self corrective mechanisms to return to balance.

She also believes that education and the development of somatic awareness, strength and exploring movement patterns are key components of long term wellbeing and good health.

Alice has spent many years exploring movement and creative expression through pole and improvised dance. Her experiences were accompanied by a curiosity for anatomy, movement and spiritual development.

These elements entwine within her practice to form a holistic and collaborative approach with each individual and their needs. Her treatment approach combines learnt modalities and the flow of her dance practice, to create a seamless experience.

Alice is interested in treating and managing a broad range of conditions and individuals, and will provide a diverse range of strengthening, self management, mindfulness and breathwork tools in order to empower each client.

Alice has been living in Melbourne for 6 years after moving from the tranquility of Tasmania. She studied remedial massage at ACFB and has found a deep interest in the physical and psychological benefits of massage.