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The “Wellthness” trend!

Wellness. Talk about a buzzword. And yes, of course, our collective and individual levels of stress are high, and our technology-obsessed lives leave little space for time-out.

We need ways to maintain clarity and steadiness of mind, and stability and strength in body. More than ever. Various massage traditions are age-old in assisting us to maintain optimal mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

However, the wellness industry itself may be a bit out of control! A recent article in The Guardian profiled a woman who spends 32,000 AUD a year on her health and wellbeing. And this is becoming more and more common. On one level its a wonderful development. This woman, for example, spends her savings not consuming more and more, but on herself (for example on seeing a therapist, organic food and retreats). Nevertheless, in even more extreme cases, wellness is turning into “wellthness” – more about showing off than working inwards.

Sarah Housley, senior editor of lifestyle at trend forecasting company WGSN states that “The (wellness) trend has developed a reputation for being quite expensive and elitist,” says “At the more luxury end of the market, wellness also became a way for people to show off their wealth more subtly than by buying an expensive handbag or car – instead, they could go to exclusive yoga classes and drink expensive juices”.

In summary, true wellness is about self care, alignment, inner strength, optimal health and the practices that support that.

The “wellthness trend” is missing the mark!


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