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The Rise of the Plant Based Diet

While we all don’t have time to be part of the Extinction Rebellion or be Greta Thunberg, we can support the global climate change movement (and our health) from our kitchens.

How? By choosing a plant-based diet. A recent article in “The Conversation” named four lifestyle choices that we can make to support the planet: “eat less or no meat, forego air travel, go electric or ditch your car, and have fewer children”.

Plant-based eating (eating less or no meat) is high on many people’s lists as an environmentally and health-conscious choice these days. Euromonitor published a report outlining plant based sustenance as Australia’s food trend in 2018.

There’s been parallel rise in “plant based” meals offered at restaurants around Melbourne. So what is “plant based food” exactly? Think vegetables, fruit, whole grains and nuts turned into delicious meals low in calories with a high protein content. Dishes that any vegetarian or vegan can also eat. And the less processed the ingredients the better (ie. not from industrial agriculture farms).

At the same time there’s been a number of plant based meat alternatives hitting the supermarket shelves. Enter jackfruit burgers, mung-bean and rice protein based “beef burgers”, and shitaki-mushroom bacon (to name a few!).

While it may sound a bit excessive to some (why not just eat a delicious chickpea burger that tastes like chickpeas?) the Washington Post reported in late June: “If the goal is to get humans to eat less meat — for their health and the health of the planet — making a burger that simulates the taste and texture of meat is critical in winning converts”. Forbes reported in July that consumer demands for plant products have increased in the past few years, with sales reaching 3 billion in 2018 in the US (Plant Based Food Association).

So whether its a sizzling faux-bacon with your brekkie, or a plate of grilled mushies on toast – it’s a small way to make a difference to the planet and to your health. Two birds with one stone (oh perhaps not the best analogy but you know what we mean!).

This is our considered but light and brief introduction to the topic. For more information please check out: