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Staying Calm and Sane in a Pandemic

Like it or not, stress will always be part of our lives, and now we have a one in a hundred-year event on top of it! Chronic stress reduces our immunity to viruses, so more than ever it’s important to relax and unwind the body and mind.

We’ve gathered some activities for you to explore at home during this very strange time:

Activity 1. Listen to calming music during your time out or work breaks. The Guardian mentions that “Woodland” sounds are 30% more relaxing than meditation apps.

Try it out!


Activity 2. Breathing is proven to increase immunity, and help calm your nervous system (Harvard Health).

Exercise: take a deep inhale through the nostrils and exhale through gently pursed lips two or three times at any time you start to feel a bit stressed.

And join The Yoga M.D. – Dr. Shaillya Vaidya on YouTube or Facebook for some mindful breath based yoga:


Activity 3. Shake it out! We hold a lot of tension in our body so literally shake out your hands, arms, legs – the whole body! Then let it go with a dance around the house! Choose your favourite track and let loose. Our favourite track is Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees 😉


Enjoy! And let’s stay informed with updates from the World Health Organisation and the Australian Government Coronavirus app, but above all prioritise our self-care and wellness.

Keep breathing, and stay calm. We’ve got this!
The Stable Team.