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Ready to Bust a Dance Move?

Dancing Dad sensation Chris Starky went viral with his daughter in 2020, lifting the mood of many viewers with their sense of humour and awesome dance moves. 

It turns out that not only is dancing good for physical health, it also has a number of mental health benefits. An article by John Hopkins University explains: “The stress-busting power of dance may lie in its ability to reduce levels of cortisol. This stress hormone helps us respond to threatening situations but can become problematic when chronically elevated”. 

Dancing is a non-verbal artform with a number of benefits. Not only does busting a few moves in the kitchen reduce stress, but it has also been scientifically proven to : 

  • release endorphins and improve mood
  • increase positive emotions
  • boost self image and self expression
  • result in more embodiment and mindfulness

Dancing is not just good for you, it’s also downright fun! Whether by yourself or with loved ones (and regardless of skill level 🙂 ), simply turn up your favourite tunes and go for it 🙂  

Check out Chris Starky’s classic video with his daughter for some inspiration.  

For more information, and inspiration check out this full article from the John Hopkins University, International Arts and Minds Lab.