Remedial massage
Melbourne CBD, St Kilda, Fitzroy North & Prahran

Stable Massage clinics in St Kilda, Melbourne CBD, Fitzroy North and Prahran have experienced teams of therapists with a high success rate
in pain relief for non specific neck and back pain, tendonitis and a range of other ailments.
Remedial techniques are applied that focus on the relief of tightness in the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue at a pressure
that is both therapeutic and yet comfortable for the client.


Massage therapy is widely used to treat chronic back pain, an extremely common condition affecting over 80% of the population
at some stage in their lives. It is also effective in treating acute pain, headaches and general discomfort
from stress related sore muscle tightness and postural strains
associated with the repetitive actions on laptops, smart phones and keyboards.

Clinical studies have shown that repeat consultation and prescribed exercises are effective
in significantly speeding up recovery and providing symptomatic pain relief without drugs for a number of chronic conditions.

Medical Benefits of Remedial massage


Remedial massage has strong supportive role in health maintenance. Healthy pain free clients are frequently surprised to discover
that they have tightness pain and sore areas. High level sports athletes are keenly aware of the role of
early intervention and maintenance, plays on reducing and preventing future breakdowns, the same principle can benefit everyone.

Please note some of our therapist have not applied for a Medibank Private number.

Therapist Qualifications

– Diploma Remedial Massage
– Diploma Relaxation Massage
– ANTA & AAMT members