Relaxation Massage Treatment

Our four clinics provides qualified Swedish masseuses for relaxation massage.
Massage therapy affects your whole being physically, emotionally and mentally.

Generally regarded as the most common form of relaxation massage,
Swedish massage involves a combination of five basic strokes, concentrating on the muscles
and connective tissues of the body for improved circulation,
relaxation, pain relief, overall health maintenance and well being.

A full body massage reduces tension, improves blood circulation, increases mobility
and the range of motion in joints. It stimulates and soothes the nervous system,
and relieves aches and pains, bringing about a sense of total relaxation.

Relaxation is the primary goal and in the hour consultation a full body massage is achieved.
Our treatment rooms are warm and peaceful, with relaxing music and gentle lighting
an ideal setting to unwind and relax.

Therapist Qualifications

– Diploma Remedial Massage
– Diploma Relaxation Massage
– ANTA & AAMT members