Pregnancy Massage & Post Natal Massage
is beneficial and safe!

Prenatal Massage

Specialised massage equipment allows pregnant women to comfortably lie on their belly/front
enabling the therapist to effectively massage sore necks, shoulders and backs.

Pregnant mothers finally get to enjoy the experience lying face down.

Massaging taut skin can assist in reducing stretch marks and nourish the skin.

Our treatment rooms are warm and peaceful, with relaxing music and gentle lighting. It is the ideal setting to unwind and relax.

Medical Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Postpartum Massage

Postpartum massage, not to be confused with spa pampering packages, can be very beneficial in post delivery recovery,
assisting with the emotional and physical adaptations involved with childbirth.
Clinical massage is completely safe and can start anytime
bringing pain and stress relief by helping relax muscles and increase circulation
lowering the body hormonal stress levels.

It is safe whether you prefer lighter therapy or deeper myofascial release
and craniosacral therapy to eliminate the muscle knots.

Medical Benefits of Postpartum Massage

Massage techniques by qualified and experienced massage therapists alleviate muscle tension and aches
helping relieve swelling and help promote a general physical and mental state of well being for the expectant mother.

Extensive studies show beneficial results to the maternal health and postnatal outcomes
for healthy women entering pregnancy.

Therapist Qualifications

– Diploma Remedial Massage
– Diploma Relaxation Massage
– ANTA & AAMT members