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Benefits of Postpartum Massage

Sleep deprivation
Lack of quality sleep with new mothers is one of the biggest issues with new mothers and has been associated with anxiety and depression. Clinical study trials have demonstrated that regular clinical massage increases the length of time the mother spends in deep sleep thereby improving the quality of sleep. We all feel better after a good sleep!

Anxiety and postnatal depression
Clinical trials have linked massage as beneficial to treating anxiety and postpartum depression.

Pain relief without medication
Remedial massage is an effective method to reduce pain from breastfeeding and residual post pregnancy aches, shoulder pains, back aches can be reduced with regular clinical massage. Myotherapists may be also helpful to reduce associated numbness and tingling.

Breastfeeding Issues
Research has shown that massage helps relive remedial massage of the chest region helps relieve breast pain opens up the shoulders improving lactation.

Massage techniques by qualified and experienced massage therapists alleviate muscle tension and aches helping relieve swelling and help promote a general physical and mental state of well being for the expectant mother.
Extensive studies show beneficial results to the maternal health and postnatal outcomes for healthy women entering pregnancy.

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