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Massage the winter blues away!

Finding it hard to get up in the morning? Feeling a bit sluggish? In these cold, windy winter months it’s hard for many of us to get moving in the morning and we can start to feel a bit low. Eating fresh produce, keeping up your daily exercise routine (with your favourite beanie on!), and regular massage are all great antidotes to the winter blues.

As we know, a therapeutic massage always leaves us feeling revived and rejuvenated. In winter there are many extra benefits of treating yourself to a regular massage. The first is increased seretonin – the chemical that keeps us feeling happy, positive and motivated. When it’s sunny, your brain releases seretonin. During winter less seretonin is released. A massage is a great mood lifter during the overcast winter months as it releases both seretonin and endorphins.

For those of us finding it hard to exercise in the freezing cold, massage can be a good alternative. Both massage and exercise also boost our blood circulation, cleanse our internal systems, and help our body function better. Massage can also improve the immune system and keep us healthy. Blustery winds can also affect our thinking. Massage helps to bring us out of our overthinking minds and back into our bodies, so we are more grounded, happy and relaxed, and can focus better at work and at home.


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