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Keeping up those Home Workouts!

We all have different mental health ‘pick me ups’. For some of us it’s meditation, or music, perhaps gardening or golf; but for the majority of us nothing beats a good workout.

Many of us are missing the routine of a gym visit at the moment, and are understandably feeling a bit agitated or low. Beyond Blue points out that studies show exercise (recommended at least 30 mins of a vigorous workout 5 times a week), can be just as good for your mental health as talk therapy or medication. So no wonder we are missing our local gyms!

Fortunately (as you are probably aware), there are many online options. For instance, Joe Wicks @thebodycoach has over 3 million Instagram followers, and this African Dance workout went viral last week. Many local gyms and yoga studios have taken up the challenge of offering online classes for their clientele.

Until the gyms and exercise studios open (fingers crossed, soon!), Broadsheet also has a live list of online classes, updated regularly. The list includes a mix of Pilates and yoga, along with cardio and strength training.

Keep in mind having a routine (ie. including your exercise routine as part of a daily routine), can help cope with change, form healthy habits and reduce stress levels.

So clear that regular workout space at home and perhaps even get your partner or kids to join in!