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Keeping a Healthy Home Workspace

As we ease our way out of lockdown 4.0, many of us are still working from home. Keeping up those deep breaths, staying mindful, present and treating yourself and your loved one’s to favourite chocolatey foods are all high up on the self-care list.

Just as important is is maintaining a healthy home workspace.

A year or so ago (yeh we know! 🙂 ), abc.net released a great article on how to set up your home office, outlining that: “the combination of long hours on a laptop on the kitchen table can be both physically and psychologically stressful over the long haul”.

Some tips and hacks include –

Move, move, move ! Alternate between sitting and standing positions, maintaining awareness of the ergonomics.

Take regular breaks. Setting an alarm to get up and move around is a good reminder to pause. It’s also important to combat fatigue by looking at something in the distance every 20 minutes or so, and reminding yourself to blink regularly.

General daily exercise. Setting a routine to ‘do something’ outside at least once a day is good for body, mind and immunity!

Workstation ergonomics. Look into the benefits of an external keyboard, to help the ergonomics. Pop your computer up on some books 🙂

Lighting. Ohh, no, your workstation definitely isn’t as exciting as a stage show, but good lighting is important. Set up a light so it goes over your shoulder, rather than directly onto the screen.

Set boundaries. As we know by now, having a designated space to work is ‘oh so important’ to set the boundaries between work and home. Also give yourself some permission to give a little less than 100% during lockdowns. We’re all tired.


Most importantly – rest! We are all under a lot of individual and collective stress so take a rest whenever you need to, don’t push yourself beyond your limits.

Why not put your phone away and allow yourself the time to lie in the back garden in the winter sun 🙂

Stay well!
The Stable Team.