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It’s Time For Radical Self Care!

Radical self care has never been more important. Taking care of others (ie. your kids!) before you take care of yourself, can wear out your body and soul over time. (Psychology Today)

One of the most empowering ways to prioritise your self care is by practicing deep relaxation techniques.

Deep relaxation “quietens your mind and releases physical tension in your body. In a state of deep relaxation, your heart beat and breathing slow down, and your body and mind become deeply calm”. (abc.net.au)

We spoke in our last blog about taking one day a week for concentrated rest. Integrating deep relaxation into this day off, and as much as possible throughout the week is extremely beneficial for:

  • reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression
  • improved sleep
  • increased energy and motivation
  • improved concentration and memory
  • prevention/reduction of stress-related medical problems (e.g., headaches, digestion problems)
  • decreased pain

(Department of Veterans Affairs Fact Sheet)

London-based psychologist and inspirational meditation instructor Linda Hall, offers a number of short guided relaxation practices on her YouTube channel. The award-winning practitioner has recorded:

Meditations for Relaxation and Stress Management

Meditations for Sleep

…and many more accessible classes to really relax and release your nervous system.

Alternatively, check out your local yoga studios Yoga Nidra classes.

Yoga Nidra, is typically a thirty minute guided practice that feels like you’ve slept two hours! (Huffington Post).

Your instructor asks you to turn your attention inward by bringing your awareness to your breath, then guides you by systematically rotating your awareness through different parts of the body. The process reduces mental clatter, and systematically relaxes your muscles. The effect is a ‘conscious sleep’ which releases built up stress, tension and anxiety.

Check out this 20 minute Yoga Nidra Meditation by world renowned teacher Rod Stryker.
Stay chill 🙂 The Stable Team.