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How to Stress Less – Part 3: Breath Centered Yoga and Meditation


A whopping 75% of Aussies surveyed pointed to stress having a detrimental affect on their physical health, and 64% reported that stress impacted on their mental well-being (The Mental Health Association of NSW, 2016). The report suggested numbers of stress related to mental health are probably higher as people can be reluctant open up about it.

Yoga can be a great opportunity to really relax (a classical yoga class, rather than a hot yoga class obviously!). Retraining the body and mind through a breath based yoga practice is very helpful in relaxation, as the physiology of breathing affects the nervous system and all the other systems in the body. Both agitation and calmness of the mind are reflected in the breath. Connecting to the sensation of the breath and modulating it through the yoga practice calms the mind. An appropriate breath-centered practice is a wonderful tool when feeling a little stressed, anxious or unsteady.

Interestingly the physiology of our spine affects our thinking. The nervous system in fact starts at the tips of our fingers and goes through our spine to our brain. Consequently, doing an asana (in Sanskrit ‘asana’ refers to postures) practice before meditation, means that we come to any meditation practices with a less disrupted mind.

Ideally, have a massage for tissue release, do yoga to further calm the nervous system, then some meditation if you’re in the mood, and you’ll be pretty much as relaxed as you can be! This in turn, has a deep (and over time, sustained) impact on your optimal physical and mental well-being.