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How to Stress Less – Part 2: Collective and Individual Hyperdrive!

Part 1

In today’s society our collective levels of stress are high, and our technology-obsessed lives leave little space for time-out. The world of psychology is referring to this as “collective hyperdrive”. How to stress less? It’s actually quite simple. A vital process for relaxing is awareness and modulation of the breath (for example in a hatha yoga class). It has a profound impact on getting out of our worried minds, bringing us back to our body, and calming our nervous system.

Without getting too scientific, our nervous system has two modes: the “flight or fight” response (when we are anxious, fearful, angry, or a bit stressed), and the “rest and digest” mode (when we are relaxed, unconcerned, and feel more at peace with things as they are). As individuals and as a society, we are pretty much always in we are in hyperdrive – the “flight or fight” response. Our individual and collective nervous systems are way out of balance. This is not ideal, as the “rest and digest” mode maintains a homeostasis, and relaxes and repairs the body’s systems. Bringing our body to a state of “rest and digest” is important for our health.

Bringing your attention to your breath, be it in yoga, meditation, during a massage, or in any daily life activity, is a way to de-stress and bring your body and mind to a more restful state – maintaining and strengthening your optimal health and well-being (see next blog).


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