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How to Stress Less – Part 1

The Mental Health Association of NSW reported in 2016 that Australians are stressing more than ever. This is impacting detrimentally on our physical and mental health. Not breaking news perhaps, but what is super interesting is how we deal with it (and how we could be doing better).

How do people deal with stress? According to the survey, 86% watch TV and movies, and 81% spend time with their loved ones.

86%! Watch TV! Yep. It’s a force of habit for most of us. Added to that would be spending time on our IPhones scrolling through some interesting (and not so interesting) stuff, to pass the time and distract ourselves from things that may be worrying us. Having a wine or a beer is also a fall back for most of us. Distraction is an interesting one. It can be great to focus on something else than the thoughts in our mind for an evening, but are we truly relaxing?

“Stress Less Tips” recommended by the NSW Association include: trying something new, living in the present moment, reaching out or talking to old mates, exercising, making time for yourself, aiming for more sleep and “recharging” (although it doesn’t specify how).

These are great tips but the Mental Health Association misses specifically recommending a key process for maintaining optimal health: the breath. The breath is a vital life function that has a positive impact on all our body systems, including the nervous system Working with the breath in meditation, yoga and in daily life, helps us to relax and restore our optimal emotional and physical health and wellbeing. It is completely underestimated and simple enough to remedy!

Extending your exhale, for a second for example, when stressed can calm your nerves (we’ll discuss more on this topic in the next blog).


This is our considered but brief and light introduction to the topic. For further information please check out: