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Has 2020 Left You Stressed?: Practice Concentrated Rest

Craving less stress, a healthier body and increased productivity at the moment? You’re not alone. Usually after a long year, the summer holidays provide much needed respite from the daily grind. But last year was different. With the pandemic affecting our lives in so many unexpected ways, our minds and bodies have not been able to truly rest and reset.

And now many of us are back at work, but still tired! Our nervous systems are in hyperdrive from 2020. What to do?

The answer is simple: practice concentrated rest by setting aside one full day a week to truly relax….

In our fast paced lives this of course feels easy to say and hard to do. But putting aside time either by yourself or with loved ones, has deep and long-lasting benefits for the mind, body and soul. Best selling author, and advocate of intentional living Joshua Becker provides a wonderful reflection:

“Ask any physician and they will tell you rest is essential for physical health. When the body is deprived of sleep, it is unable to rebuild and recharge itself adequately. Your body requires rest.

Ask any athlete and they will tell you rest is essential for physical training. Rest is needed for muscles to repair themselves and prevent injury. This is true whether you run marathons, pitch baseballs, or climb rocks. Your muscles require rest.

Ask many of yesterday’s philosophers and they will tell you rest is essential for the mind. Leonardo da Vinci said, “Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer.” ..Your mind requires rest..

Ask many corporate leaders and they will tell you that rest is essential for productivity. Forbes magazine recently wrote, “You can only work so hard and do so much in a day. Everybody needs to rest and recharge.” Your productivity requires rest….”

(Becoming Minimalist)


By scheduling in this time (typically a Saturday or Sunday), you’ll develop a healthier body, deeper relationships, less stress, make a habit of reflection (which is wonderful for mental health), and increase your productivity by refocusing and rejuvenating the mind.

Warm baths are a time-honoured way to deeply relax the nervous system, aid the recovery and relaxation of sore muscles, and help induce sleep. Take the time for a long warm bath on your relaxation day, and soak up the health benefits for body and mind.

So get to it! 🙂 And while you are at it, why not go ‘old school’ (?) – swap out your couch and phone for a hammock and book this summer. Enjoy!
The Stable Team.