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CBD Oil – The New Wellness Trend

Breaking News… (cue hot news story music – “do be be do be do be do”)

CBD Oil. The Cannabis Derived Wellness Trend. You may have heard of friends overseas (in the US for example) touting about its benefits for a few years, for anything from acne to chronic pain, anxiety, stress and cancer related side effects. There is growing evidence of its efficacy (Medical News Today).

CBD oil is non-psychotropic, and while it does help you relax it will not give users a ‘high’. It is a popular natural remedy across North America and parts of Europe.

Australia has now come to the party, with the Associated Press reporting that in February the easing of restrictions by the nation’s medicine regulator. Medicinal cannabis expert Ben Jansen welcomed the easier availability of CBD oil, which he says has a range of applications: “It provides a reduction of pain, symptoms or anxiety, improves overall wellbeing, fending off other side effects like anti-inflammatory drugs or paracetamol,” he said (Guardian News).

However while it may be approved in Australia, there are still a bunch of hurdles being jumped over before the product is actually available over the counter. The Little Green Pharma posted a great update on March 15 2021, confirming that it may take a while but in the meantime you can still get a CBD oil prescription from doctors:


So Stay Tuned!
The Stable Team