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Can “Sensehacking” Improve Wellbeing? 

Can “Sensehacking” Improve Wellbeing? 

Sensory overstimulation (particularly digital devices) is a hot topic these days. How much time are you spending on your phone?  Do you still randomly scroll through Facebook? Do you have a digital detox day, or hour or two? These questions often come up in conversations with friends and family. 

But have you ever thought about tapping into senses that can restore you, rather than overload the body and mind? 

Charles Spence, a world expert in this area has just written a book entitled – “Sensehacking: How to Use the Power of Your Senses for Happier, Healthier Living”. He explains in an interview with LS:N Global that sensehacking is essentially “about how to capitalise on the power of the senses in everyday life to enhance social, emotional and cognitive wellbeing”. 

A common theme throughout the book is getting back in touch with nature. 

Examples of ‘hacking the senses’ include: 

  • Bringing nature into the home through scents, but also through plants, and nature soundscapes. Something as simple as just changing the fragrance is a really effective sense-hack to reset your mental capacities.
  • Listening to nature sounds around you (ie. the call of local birdlife, the wind in the trees, the rustle of leaves under foot) rather than your Spotify list when going for a walk. 
  • Passive body heating, ie. a hot shower or bath two hours before bed, helps ease you into a deeper sleep. 
  • Colour schemes, for example blue has been proven to calm the nervous system, while orange and red help fire up the internal batteries. 

    (Vogue UK; LS:N Global)

Sense-hacking can be as simple as pausing for a moment and reflecting on the senses and what can be brought into more harmony in yourself today. Ask yourself: could I bring in more sight, sound, touch, smell or taste to calm and steady my body and mind at this moment; or get more ‘pep’ in my step? 

Perhaps it’s time to give your loved ones a hug, go for a mindful nature walk and simply listen, pour some magnesium salts into a steamy bath, wear an orange scarf to the office, light your favourite candle, buy that indoor pot-plant… the list is endless(!)

Have fun 🙂 

The Stable Team.