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Brrr… Staying Motivated for that Winter Work-out

Been feeling a bit extra achy lately and wondering why?

The simple fact is that cold weather (like the cold snap Melbourne has had lately – brrr…) causes tighter muscles and joints. According to Los-Angeles based physical therapist Vivian Eisenstadt, cold weather causes muscles to lose more heat and contract which causes tightness throughout the body.

Your joints get tighter, muscles can lose their range of motion, and nerves can get more easily pinched. The solution lies in “warming up” (literally) for a longer period before your routine. This raises your core temperature and ensures that oxygen and blood are flowing throughout the body.

Motivation can also wane during winter blues! It’s easy to feel like staying in bed or snuggling up on the couch in front of Netflix.

How to stay motivated?

  1. Socialise! Have set times to meet with friends and work out together. It’s a great excuse for a catch up too.
  2. Do some exercise at home. There are hundreds of online videos for everything from pilates to gym workouts. Roll out that mat and invest in some kettlebells.
  3. Indulge in an oil massage for that extra release of muscle tightness.

But make sure take a rest whenever you need! Having enough sleep is vital for optimal health. So don’t “force” yourself out of bed if you actually need the zzzz’s.

This is our considered but light and brief introduction to the topic. For more information please check out: