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Boost your Memory with Bursts of Light Exercise!

Often wonder where on earth you’ve just put your keys? Find yourself racking your brain for the name of the person you just met? Walk up and down the shopping aisles trying desperately to remember what the really ‘important item’ is you were going to buy? The answer to remembering all this on the spot (!) may lie in just 10 minutes of light exercise each day.

Scientists at the University of California and University of Tsukuba in Japan, recently found that just 10 minutes of light physical activity can boost our memory and stave off cognitive decline – by increasing the connectivity between parts of the brain responsible for memory storage and formation. That is, for those geeks reading out there: “enhanced communication between the hippocampus (a region important in memory storage) and the cortical brain regions, which are involved in vivid recollection of memories” (The Guardian).

The key lies in brief intervals of yoga, tai chi, short sunset bike rides, or a slow stroll around the block. That physical exercise may improve memory is great news for everyone, particularly older adults, or anyone with any mobility impairment. to stave off cognitive decline. Researchers are intrigued by the news: it seems that a little bit of exercise can go a very long way!


This is our considered but brief and light introduction to the topic. For further information please check out: