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Always Trying to ‘Win’ Your Wellness?
Why not Take a Pause and Simply ‘Be’?

It’s common amongst those of us into wellness and self-care to ask ourselves ‘what should i do next?’. We’re constantly trying to improve – ‘oh that’s right, I was making that green juice’, ‘perhaps I should cycle four times a week instead of two’, ‘let me look at the fitness classes schedule again’. 

The thing is.. and you will have heard this before (most likely on a meme somewhere!)).. we are human ‘be’ings, not human ‘do’ings. And often if we reflect how far we’ve come in our personal wellness routines over the last 5 years, we have improved immeasurably! 

So next time you find yourself asking yourself what to do next, perhaps just take a pause. Put your phone down, and take a few hours in the evening, or a day on the weekend, to be a human ‘be’ing. 

Simply ‘be’ while going about your day to day activities. Use the opportunity to do them slowly, with no rush to achieve something. Some of these day to day (non-digital!) activities include:

Cooking – Many of us have got more into cooking over the last two years (as we’ve been inside a lot!). And this is a really great thing. Why not treat yourself to a cookbook (rather than reading recipes on your phone), and take your time to try out some new dishes. The Stable Team are a big fan of the Mediterranean diet. Check out Ottolenghi’s wonderful cookbook “Simple” 🙂

  1. Walking – We have all got to know our local parks and waterways really well over the last two years! And many of us have a favourite place to holiday in Victoria. But why not take the weekends to explore the outskirts of Melbourne. There are some beautiful day walks and waterfalls just on our doorstep! And why not leave your phone at home? (or in the car once the GPS gets you there haha 🙂 ). 
  2. Planting –  It turns out that in beautifying the garden, or reviving an unloved vege patch the benefits are endless. Not only do you have (another) good workout, a hit of vitamin D on a sunny afternoon, or harvest some produce for your kitchen, but getting out into the garden positively impacts your mental health in various ways (The Guardian).  Autumn is a great time to plant coriander (woo-hoo!), broad beans, garlic and much more. Even if it’s just tending to a few pots on the front porch, some mindful time with your plants is deeply rewarding. alth.
  3. Daydreaming – ‘Staring into space’, and letting your mind wander clicks the brain into an alpha-wave state which automatically reduces stress and anxiety. It also expands your creativity and helps you solve problems, as you come back to your challenges in a refreshed state. (Very Well Mind)

So remember to take those moments and days to just ‘be’ and go slowly, you’ll find yourself naturally more centered and relaxed – which in the end is the aim of wellness 😉 See what we did there? 

In-joy! The Stable Team.