Health Funds


What is HICAPS

HICAPS stands for Health Industry Claims and Payments Service. It is a simple and fast electronic health claims system
that allows people with health funds to get “a” rebate on the spot. HICAPS requires only a swipe from the health funds membership card though the machine.
It covers most private health funds in Australia and a large number of healthcare professionals.

How does it work?

HICAPS allows you to claim on your private health for remedial massage or myotherapy on-the-spot by showing your health fund card when making the payment.
The HICAPS machine will then process your claim directly and you just simply pay the gap amount depending on the cover you have.
The whole process is quick and easy and completed in seconds.

Participating Health Funds for Myotherapists :

australian-unity hbf medibank
peoplecare one-medifund queensland-country-health-fund
ahm-health-insurance westfund-health-insurance healthcare-insurance
gmhba-health-insurance phoenix-health-fund aca-health
gu-health health-com-au hif
reserve-bank-health-society cbhs defence-health
navy-health cua-health ract-health-insurance
frank-health-insurance rt-health teachers-health-fund
st-lukes-health nib


HICAPS participating health funds for Remedial Massage Therapists :

medibank hbf australian-unity
peoplecare one-medifund health-partner
nrma-insurance cua-health ahm-medibank
gu-health nib sgic
hif aca-health sgio
gmhba ract-health-insurance healthcare-insurance
tuh doctors teachers-health-fund
mutual-community gmf
bupa hba reserve-bank-health-society
frank-health-insurance rt-health phoenix
st-lukes-health westfund-health cbhs
queensland-country navy-health mbf