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7 Invisible Benefits of Living Simply

Head spinning from all the news lately? You aren’t alone! Turns out that taking a more simple approach to life is a positive way forward. Simplicity is a great self care strategy that also leads to improved health, better relationships, and more.  

Courtney Carver, author of “Soulful Simplicity” and “Be More with Less” outlines 7 Invisible Benefits of Living Simply

1. Under-reacting

A simpler life allows for time to consider a response. When things are too busy, and complicated, we get lost in a reactionary lifestyle, say things we don’t mean, and blow things completely out of proportion. When we have time to reflect before responding, we can answer appropriately from a thoughtful place instead of a fight or flight mentality.

2. Self-care

When we reduce commitments and obligations, and eliminate common stressors like debt, crappy jobs, and hurtful relationships, we have time to take better care of our heart and soul. There is time for a nap or writing and being creative, and space for meditation or a simple gratitude practice.

3. Better health

Even without changing our diet or working out, simplicity can lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of disease. Stress can trigger migraines, colds and even auto-immune conditions. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, simplify for your best health.

4. More engaged relationships

It’s hard to really connect with anyone when we are hyper-connected to our computers and phones. Our minds are full enough, and then when we add layers of digital information, it’s easy to lose focus during a simple conversation. Unplugging gives us a calm platform to listen and engage.

5. Hope

After experiencing some of the benefits of simplicity, from enjoying a smaller living space, to growth in a savings account, we become more hopeful and open to new experiences and possibilities. A simple life is a hopeful life.

6. Massive freedom

When we aren’t tied to stuff, engaged in drama, overreacting, or feeling crappy, we have massive freedom. We make better decisions, and live lives we truly want. Instead of trying to live up to a standard that someone else set for us, we are free to be exactly who we are. That is massive freedom.

7. Benevolence

When we free up resources, need less to be happy, and have time to consider what matters most, we simply become more loving, caring, and giving.”

And… once we have a taste of how simplicity feels, we naturally want less of the meaningless stuff and more of what really matters.

For more inspiration check out Courtney Carver’s insta – @bemorewithless, and her  minimalist fashion challenge (also featured on the BBC and Oprah magazine). 

So when you find yourself flustered, take a deep breath, pause and simplify! 

Keep well, 

The Stable Team