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4 Tips to Get Back Your Fitness Mojo!

Lost touch with your fitness mojo? Don’t beat yourself up. Exercise and sports physiologists say this is quite a common phenomenon after injury, or circumstances such as long lockdowns. 

According to health/fitness journalist and personal trainer Sam Downing – as you emerge from lockdowns it will take around one to two months to get back to your pre-pandemic fitness level, of course depending on how fit you were and how active you stayed during iso. A fundamental key, according to veteran sports psychologist Clive Jones,  is to accept and acknowledge these circumstances were out of your control. We didn’t choose this break from exercise, so we shouldn’t be hard on ourselves for emerging from lockdown with lower strength and fitness. It’s best to just be kind to ourselves and say it’s “ok to start off easy”. (Sydney Morning Herald). 

Ways to get back to your pre-lockdown fitness levels include: 

Positive self-messaging: rather than being obsessive about it, reflect on how workouts make you feel, and take those thoughts with you to your workout. This makes your fitness routine more enjoyable, and the positive self messaging also brings more awareness and assessment of your progress, ultimately optimising your workout. 

Switching it up: with many of us working from home our days look a bit different than pre-pandemic. You may want to try other exercise options. Consider consulting an exercise physiologist or personal trainer for advice, joining a group fitness club or an outdoor-training group, swimming laps, bodyweight training. Or perhaps some of your favourite sports as a kid – tennis, soccer, netball – the list is endless when we are #free 🙂 

Sticking to routine: making an effort to head out for a 6.30am gym session may not feel natural after so long, however once we get back into the habit, our mind-body starts a feedback loop where we feel the physical and psychological benefits, and it gets easier each time. 

Making time for recovery: you’ll be sore during and after workouts. Give your body time to rest and to adapt between exercise sessions. 


So it’s time to get back to it! But go easy on yourself, take an exercise buddy with you, and have fun 🙂

The Stable Team.

*Photo by Coen van de Broek on Unsplash