Jonathan Jauhiainen

Jonathan Jauhiainen

Jonathan Jauhiainen

Remedial Massage Therapist

Jonathan has always had an interest in natural healing modalities and particularly the body’s own capacity to heal itself and how to facilitate this. So naturally he followed his heart into the field of massage and healing.

Jonathan is a remedial massage therapist, Reiki practitioner and also works with sound healing. What Jonathan loves about his job is connecting with different types of people from different walks of life and assisting them to live a better quality of life.

Through treating the physical body with remedial massage techniques including deep tissue, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, lymphatic drainage and stretching Jonathan is able to assist his clients with muscular issues and prevention and treatment of muscular injuries. Jonathan’s treatments can also be more relaxation in nature to relive stress, tension and anxiety with the added benefit of reiki.

He has had experience with treating a wide variety of clientele from professional athletes, pregnant mothers to be, gym goers, office workers, people with anxiety and depression and people with physical disabilities. Jonathan treats each client as an individual and gives his undivided attention to tailor a treatment to suit the client’s needs.

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