Caterina Di Gennaro

Caterina Di Gennaro

Caterina Di Gennaro

Remedial Massage Therapist

Caterina Di Gennaro completed her Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy at the Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy & Myotherapy College in 2015.

She loves to be involved in anything requiring creativity, interaction and a good time. She likes sport, and working with sports enthusiasts.

What she likes most about her profession is helping people restore their well-being. She finds it very rewarding being part of the process which makes people feel good.

Her motto is a line from a song by her favourite Italian artist Renato Zero:

‘Forse domani, o forse no, ma prima o dopo accade’

‘Perhaps tomorrow, or perhaps no, but sooner or later, it will happen’

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