Does eating fat make you thin?

Does eating fat make you thin?

The meat and three veg diet has pretty much gone out the window as we try and contort our minds into understanding the latest dietary trends, and stock our fridges with appropriate foods for ourselves and our loved ones.

Older generations of Australians are bamboozled by changing trends. Many of us live happily and healthily to ripe old ages while still regularly tucking into regular servings of red meat. Australia is no. 7 in the world when it comes to life expectancy.

Our forebears might be onto something. A number of Registered Dieticians and nutritional clinical studies are highlighting that it’s the refined carbs causing us trouble these days, not healthy fats.

Renowned nutritionists Mark Hyman M.D, David Perlmutter M.D, and others that participated in the recent (and aptly named) online “Fat Summit ”, point to the growing scientific evidence that saturated fats (such as those found in eggs, butter, coconut oil, dairy and red meats), are actually good for you.

On top of that, eating fat can actually make you thin! Registered Dietician in the US Keri Glassman, recommends that in any weight loss program about a third of the calories come from dietary fat (that is, healthy fats, not transfats or polyunsaturated fats).

So tuck into some roast lamb as our grandparents did, with a guilt free conscience.

This is our considered but brief and light introduction to the topic. For further information please check out:

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