Does eating fat make you thin? : Fear of fats as a popular myth

Does eating fat make you thin? : Fear of fats as a popular myth

As our recent blog series has discussed – recent research studies show that eating healthy fats lowers our overall weight and decreases the risk of heart disease!

While there are varied opinions about the amount of healthy fat that it is good to eat, it’s clear that from the way our bodies metabolise fat and refined carbohydrates that it’s the carbs that cause are causing more weight gain than the healthy fats.

The popular myth of saturated fats contributing to heart disease arose in the 1950’s – 1970’s when some fat cats cherry picked statistics, and turned them into national dietary guidelines in the US. The guidelines still remain to this day across the western world.

Experts these days have proven that saturated fats actually improve heart health, and according to nutritionist David Perlmutter saturated fats are actually good for “brain health, immune function, and every cell in your body”.

A recent meta-analysis in the Annals of Internal medicine showed that consuming high levels of saturated fats actually doesn’t increase coronary heart disease (but that trans fats and polysaturated fats are more likely to).

So there’s no need to have a fear of fats (!), in fact quality fats are much better for us then we thought. They contribute to optimal health and can even put us down a jeans size!

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