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Whether you’re an office worker, soon to be mum or a top athlete;
our deep tissue massage therapists will help you achieve your goals.

About Us

Stable Massage clinics in St Kilda, Melbourne CBD, Fitzroy North and Prahran have experienced teams of therapists with a high success rate in pain relief for non specific neck and back pain, tendonitis and a range of other ailments. Remedial techniques are applied that focus on the relief of tightness in the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue at a pres-sure that is both therapeutic and yet comfortable for the client.

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About Us

Our therapists have extensive experience in preventative maintenance therapies for athletes or anyone with active lifestyles.
Sports massage facilitates building up of form and rehabilitation,
whilst carrying chronic or acute injuries.

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What Our Customers Say

  • “I had my very first appointment with Chrissy back in 2009 when I started teaching Group Fitness and various injuries were beginning to pop up across my body from my intense sessions. The first thing I remember about Chrissy was her professionalism, her warmth, and her big smile. On our initial consultation I recall Chrissy’s genuine interest and desire in helping me to get to the bottom of my injuries. She took the time to assess me and throughout the process clearly communicated where the problem/s were originating from and what exactly was required to be done. It was obvious very early on this young woman had a passion for healing and helping…and that she could exactly pinpoint the problem with her expert knowledge and subsequently start the healing process with her therapy. Fastforwarding to present day, I still consult Chrissy every couple of weeks – she is the only therapist I would completely trust to help with what is ailing me. And to this day Chrissy still continues to exhibits all the incredible characteristics that make her a fantastic therapist now as she did back then I consulted her for the first time. Thank you so much Chrissy!”



    Julie Simeonov
  • “I’ve been a happy client of Stable Massage St Kilda for several years now and in that time I’ve seen several fantastic therapists. After a roster change I needed a new thera-pist and Janine was suggested as someone who would suit me. She is absolutely ex-ceptional! I have problems in my glutes, neck and shoulders. Her treatment style is ex-tremely thorough and considered and she has been extremely effective in establishing my problem areas. There is no set routine with Janine, she knows and feels what is needed and treats accordingly. I actually feel as if progress is being made. She is also very empathetic and caring and senses when quiet time is required.”

    “I look forward to many more treatments with Janine”



    Sophie Jennings
  • “Love all the little touches like the plants growing skywards in the hall, nice toiletries and groovy paint colours. Going into Stable Massage makes me feel like I’m stepping into some chilled hippy healing cottage. Love love love my massages here.”

    Kylie E
  • “Bruce has addressed my chronic ailments and is able to attend to my particular needs. I am no longer in nagging pain. As a result I now see him each month for a ‘tune up’ and nip any ailments before they become a problem. As a consequence my training in the gym ( bodybuilding) has improved and I am seeing great results”

    Anthony H
  • “New rooms in Prahran are great. This is my second massage and I am really enjoying the treatments and my body is feeling better from the sessions”

    Carla D

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